A Power Rangers Fan-film

A Faded Shade Of Green



About The Film


A Faded Shade Of Green is a Power Rangers fan-film that takes place in the mid future of the Power Rangers continuity.

It features new original rangers coming together to face a lingering evil from the past.

An experienced mentor, a mysterious dark adversary, and a young man who decided to jump right into the middle of it all.


This fan-film is being made by a group of young professionals working in Toronto's Film/Television/Theatre industry. From fresh new ideas in production design to creative new ways to perform exciting stunts, I'd say we've got the right team for the job.


TrÉ Shields

Is Arthur

Arthur is just an average everyday normal genius. His strong sense of morality has always driven him to do what he thinks is right. Although extremely academic Arthur considers the body just as important as the brain.

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